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Meet The Team

My name is Matt and I'm the guy behind the Emerald Coast Brew Review. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I've called the Emerald Coast home since 1995. I'm  a trained journalist who has spent almost a decade in local media from newspapers and magazines to his own freelance writing business.


Life along the beach is pretty slick, especially when you spend it with your fat beagle and beautiful wife. We like to spend our time cooking, playing tennis, hanging out at the beach, and drinking plenty of beer. The idea behind the Brew Review came out of my love for all things beer. My goal is to help promote the local beer scene and the people who have put roots down in the community, invested their money, time and effort to share a passion. While I want to focus on the local beer community, I also want to share my thoughts on the various beers I try.

I'm not a brewer or someone who knows all of the science behind beer. I'm just a regular guy who loves beer and wants to share my passion with others. The Brew Review is not meant to be scientific or overly complicated. Let's have some fun talking about beer and sharing what's great about the local beer community.


You can reach me by email at Matt@emeraldcoastbrewreview.com.