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5th Annual Fish House Craft Beer Fest (PHOTOS)

June 18, 2017

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I’m still here… (I Promise)

June 29, 2019

Hey, friends. It’s been a while. Too long, honestly. My last post/blog, call it what you will, was April 24, 2018. 


Wow. A lot has changed since then. Actually, it kind of explains my absence. See, my son was born in March 2018, so once he came home I found it was becoming more and more difficult to  update this site regularly. Of the time I do have, most of my attention has been focused on social media (mainly Instagram — where I like to share what I’m drinking, but also what’s happening along the Emerald Coast). 




If you know me personally, you know that I work two jobs, which is great because it allows my wife to stay home with our son. Add in a major 7-hour surgery for the little guy and you can say we’ve been busy. It certainly doesn’t leave much time to write. More so than that, it doesn’t leave much time to get out and explore new breweries or brewpubs when they open. But family always comes first. 


But back to the beer. 


A lot of new places have opened and are still slated to open along the Emerald Coast. Currently, there are more than 20 breweries, brewpubs or taprooms from Pensacola to Panama City. The craft beer scene here is exploding. While there’s a long way to go before we can start to compete with the big boys, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone locally or who takes the time to visit our establishments that says beer along the Emerald Coast is not awesome. 


Creativity is not lacking. That’s for sure. We’re seeing places like Idyll Hounds Brewing Company in Santa Rosa Beach, FL turn out awesome brews on the regular, as are the gang at Perfect Plain in Pensacola, Florida. 


But beyond those two specific breweries, there’s so much more happening. The folks over at Props Craft Brewery and 3rd Planet continue to grow and have expanded into new locations. We’re seeing new breweries come on line in Panama City, which is less than a year from being impacted by Hurricane Michael. 


Grayton Brewery expanded and opened a brewpub in Grayton Beach, Florida, which is actually the last thing I posted about. They’ve got some awesome food and a large variety of brews, in addition to regular events, such as trivia.


Now that my son is getting older, 15 months for that fact, I’m hoping to have some more time to update this page and build the content. I really want to work with our breweries, brewpubs and taprooms to help share their stories and promote their events. That’s the whole reason I started this page was to share and promote the Emerald Coast beer scene. Like I said, there’s a lot happening here and there’s plenty to be excited about. 


Let’s sit back and see what the Emerald Coast beer scene has in store. It’s full steam ahead, whether we’re ready or not.


Let’s enjoy the ride. 


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