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5th Annual Fish House Craft Beer Fest (PHOTOS)

June 18, 2017

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Graphic Strategist, Lacey Pyle, Honored With American Graphic Design Award

November 4, 2017

Remember when we told you that Lacey Pyle, owner of Graphic Strategist, a Destin-based graphic design company, was a badass? Well, if you didn’t believe us the first time, we’re here to say we told you so.


CLICK HERE to read our profile story on Pyle.


Pyle was recently honored by Graphic Design USA, a 54-year-old organization that sponsors competitions that shine light on creative excellence. Pyle received an American Graphic Design Award during the organizations annual competition that’s open to the entire design community, whether we’re talking about a small, single-owner business, mid-sized firm or national ad agency.



Entries into the competition come from a variety of mediums — digital, print, web, packaging or branding — and past winners include brands like Acura, Chevy, Chase Bank, University of Pennsylvania Law School, the National Football League, and Macy’s. That’s pretty exclusive company. And did we mention that there were nearly 10,000 entries into the 2017 competition? Just to drill that home a bit more, only 15 percent of all entries were honored with an award.


Now that we’ve got you primed, let’s talk a bit about Pyle’s entry. In our original profile story about Pyle and her business, we told you that she designed the can labels for Destin Brewery. It was her label art for the brewery’s Destin Ale, Red Sky Rye Pale Ale, East Pass IPA and Bridge Rubble Double IPA that took home honors for Pyle.



“I worked closely with Kelly Taylor (Destin Brewery owner) to bring his ideas to life,” Pyle says. “While he didn’t know exactly how he wanted his ideas executed, he did know he wanted the can labels to be highly relevant to the locals, yet still inclusive of tourists that visit.”


For Pyle, working with Destin Brewery has been a phenomenal experience.


“The collaboration, humility, inclusiveness, and creativity flowing through that place is both humbling and inspiring,” she says. “You walk in and instantly you feel like part of something. I think Kelly, being the leadership there, sets that tone and it becomes contagious.”


CLICK HERE to read more about Destin Brewery.


No matter your profession or level of experience, being honored by peers in your field is quite an accomplishment. And while Pyle is incredibly humble, she’s no stranger to being honored by Graphic Design USA. In fact, she’s won four American Graphic Design Awards and has been honored five times overall by Graphic Design USA, including three consecutive honors from 2010 to 2012.


“While winning awards is encouraging, accurately communicating my client’s goals is the true motivation driving any of my work,” Pyle says. “This award gives Destin Brewery another reason to be proud of the products they’re putting out there, and that, in turn, makes me proud.”


Looking back, Pyle says she was biting her nails after submitting her design work because the can labels for Destin Brewery didn’t look like other beer can labels (intentionally).


“I don’t think this award would exist without Kelly’s passion for what he does, his drive for doing it well, and the creativity with which he does it,” Pyle says.


About The Labels:

All can labels reflect hyper-local spots in Destin, Florida. Destin is a very scenic location and these labels sought to represent identifiable spots in and around the city.


Destin Ale: Casual and inviting, the Destin Ale label reflects the approachable nature of Blonde Ales and the simplicity of enjoying a beer on the beach. The background color, a rich teal, is the same color as the waters of Destin.


East Pass IPA: This East Pass IPA label pulls inspiration from the stunning sights around Destin. Pictured here is the most identifiable part of the geographical East Pass: the Destin Bridge silhouetted by a summer sunset. The placement of the words “East” and “Pass” represent their physical locations, the bridge connects the east, and the pass is the body of water surrounding it.


Red Sky Rye Pale Ale: The Red Sky Rye label references the "Red sky at night, sailor's delight," and depicts fishermen exiting Destin's East Pass through the iconic jetties. Silhouetted against the setting sun, this label captures that fishing is a substantial economical contributor to "The World's Luckiest Fishing Village."


Bridge Rubble Double IPA: Departing from the lighter feel (and ABV) of East Pass and Destin Ale, the Bridge Rubble Double IPA uses bold graphics to reflect its decidedly different style. This label uses fractured typography and SCUBA gear, as well as a “warning flag” to reference the inherent dangers of SCUBA diving...or partaking in a heavyweight ABV!



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